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Blondie in London © Chris Walter
Blondie and Debbie Harry were shot in London during their first trip there.

As a working music photographer with already a long history, the punk audiences in the UK really got to me and so on a whim in early summer I decided this time to spend more time in the US. In Los Angeles we were representing Sounds (and later Kerrang) from the UK plus major Music magazines from Europe and Japan. Although straight away I started shooting a lot of other people, some of the first live shows I shot in California were the Clash and the Sex Pistols, and the other punk/new wave acts that came west. So much for escaping punk!

In the UK I had always tried to shoot any musical artist in any genre, which we made a point of doing also once in Los Angeles. I had the advantage, in some ways, of wanting to shoot for International publications, which got me access to acts the local record company people could not get me. The combination of local and international press people made this next few years very busy and productive.

Steely Dan..Steely Dan by © Chris Walter

Mink DeVille Mink DeVille by © Chris Walter